Product news: Embedded video & new participant interface

Product news By Amine from Sparkup on July 6, 2020

Today, we present you with new features, which many of you have been eagerly awaiting, as well as improvements to make your meetings and events more engaging, even remotely.

Integrate your video stream into Sparkup!

In the present context, more and more meetings and events have all or some of their participants connecting virtually. The use of live video has therefore become essential.
You will be able to take advantage of all the interaction features of Sparkup, while integrating your live video stream.
Now even remotely, your participants will only need the single Sparkup link to follow the live video while actively participating.

participant live EN
Participant view on computer with integrated video

Integrate the video tools you already use!
To insert your video stream, nothing could be easier, just access your session settings, then choose your favorite video service (like Youtube live, Facebook live...) and add the video link!
Sparkup works with most live video services. If your source is not in the list, just select the one called "Other" and copy paste your link.

reglages EN-1
Presenter view: session settings

Once your video stream has been added, as a presenter you can also directly find the integrated video at the top left of your interface, and you can enlarge it if necessary by clicking on it:

Capture d’écran 2020-07-07 à 18.55.22
Presenter view with integrated video

We will update this new feature regularly to make it even more useful and efficient. In particular, we will add new video conferencing services (such as Zoom...) directly in Sparkup in the near future.

New participant interface

With the addition of the integrated video, we took the opportunity to update the participant interface and make it even more intuitive. In particular, we have removed the old menu and replaced it with a very accessible tab bar. This bar contains 3 different tabs:

  • Live: always displays the current activity,
  • My box: list of all activities & documents available for participants,
  • Exit: allows you to leave the session or change session.

box EN with phoneParticipant view on phone: tab My box

By integrating a video stream into your session, your participants will be able to interact, watch live video and access the results in the Presentation view in a single window. And this, on all devices and browsers compatible with Sparkup.

video EN with phone       Live en with phone
Participant views on phone: Live tab with embedded video

Further changes

Getting Started Guide for New Users

During your first session as a facilitator, you will now have a Getting started guide for a quick introduction to Sparkup.

guide en
Presenter View: Getting started guide

Visitor mode

Participants who are connected as visitors will not be able to create a Sparkup account anymore. This was of little use and led to unwanted complexity.
On the other hand, a visitor will no longer be automatically logged out when he leaves the session. Without voluntary disconnection, a participant can therefore remain connected for 30 days with the same visitor profile (even if he changes sessions).

Participant note-taking

Note-taking has been improved! Your participants will now be able to create several separate notes, edit them or delete them...
It is now accessible in the tab "My box".

What more can we say? We've also worked hard to improve and optimize Sparkup so that you will be delighted with this new version!