SNCF Technicampus in Mans Digitizes Its Training and Evaluation Program

Training By Sparkup on March 19, 2019

French National Railways (SNCF) is one of the world’s leading transportation and logistics companies with a yearly turnover of 25 billion euros and more than 200 000 employees in 120 countries.

icon-sp-document (1) Context

Technicampus in Mans is a 13,000 m2 venue dedicated to training SNCF technical personnel. It allows 25 000  maintenance engineers from all over France to discover and learn about the technical changes and technological progress related to railway equipment. 35 000 training sessions are held every year.

icon-spM-innovation The Challenge

The goal of SNCF was to improve the processing of the information generated during the evaluation of learning and to offer new testing possibilities

icon-spM-easyToUse-1 The Solution - Sparkup

Sparkup is a digital solution that allows to automate the data obtained through satisfaction and evaluation surveys. The platform gives the opportunity to successfully assess the quality and efficiency of the training and meets SNCF’s requirement for quick installation and provision of tablets for the entire campus.  

icon-sp-challenge Results

100% digitized training
SNCF’s entire training and evaluation program is now covered by Sparkup.


21 000 assessments completed
Sparkup allowed maintenance engineers to be certified through customized and personalized evaluation.


40 trainers
40 specialists were taught to use Sparkup.


"Sparkup has a strong capacity to report the participants’ results and satisfaction levels. Our next step is to broaden our training opportunities with the help of Sparkup’s solution."

Jérôme Vincent, Chief of Engineering