RATP collaborators at the heart of the action in conferences

Event By Sparkup on January 22, 2019

RATP is the world's leading multimodal transport. RATP positions itself as a preferred partner for smart and sustainable cities.

icon-sp-document (1) Context

RATP organizes seminars and conferences several times per year to spread relevant and strategical messages. With around 200 collaborators present in plenary rooms, RATP challenge was to involve the audience into the topics discussed.

icon-spM-innovation Challenge

Enhance participation, give a voice to every collaborator
Energize conferences while serious topics are evoked
Collect feedback from the audience

icon-spM-easyToUse-1 Sparkup as a solution

Sparkup has several objectives with RATP: enhance collaborators participation while making the conference more interactive and fun.

Sparkup is an easy-to-use conference interaction platform without downloads, that fosters participation with 15+ activities.


How is Sparkup used?

Give a voice to the collaborators
With an open wall, the audience is free to ask any questions anonymously to the speakers and organizers.

Get the audience's expectations
With a wordcloud or a poll, organizers simply ask the audience their expectations from this conference to tackle the most awaited topics.

Collect the audience feedback
Ask the audience multi choice or open questions to evaluate their satisfaction or opinion on the topics discussed.

icon-sp-challenge Results


200 to 900 participants engaged
The audience is engaged from the start and participates actively.

10x more questions
The audience is now less reluctant to ask their questions as it can be anonymous.

Relevant data for the organizers
Feedback are collected by the organizers during and after the conferences for further analysis 


"Sparkup involves the audience in the strategical topics discussed at our conferences"

Leslie Labruyère - RATP