Product News October

Product news By Sparkup on January 16, 2019

Have you digested the return to work? Holidays are over and Meetings are back?

It's time to read What's New on Sparkup interactive platform!

1. News on the Studio

Match it!

The individual quiz gets better! From now on, you are able to choose pairing questions to test participants' knowledge. It's very simple: participants need to pair an item from the left column with the corresponding item from the right column. They can pair/unpair items as much as they like until they validate their response. You can add an image to help them pair the items from it!

New scoring system

On the individual quiz again, you can determine whether the participants are all good or all wrong or divide the score of the question on all the answers. It's up to you upon the question creation.

2. News on the App

Your session can be accessed via a link.

This link can be shared on the Social Networks or integrated directly into a presentation, another app or a website. Invite your participants to login to Sparkup from any support, even remotely!

Broadcast your content has never been so easy!

Open the Cast directly from the Information page on your opened session, or open it on a new Tab via the communicated link. 

3. Webinars

Our Customer Success team helds 2 Webinars per month; don't miss it!

Starting on Tuesday October, 16 at 2pm; Engagement of your collaborators: accept the challenge with Sparkup digital platform. Join

Next one : October 18, 11am; Discover the News on Sparkup platform. Join


Coming soon

Our Dev team works hard to design the product of your dreams! Check out our Product Roadmap.

Sparkup Academy is currently filming new product videos! Check out our Youtube Channel for tutorials and ideas of scenarios.