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Product news By Sparkup on January 16, 2019

Moderation to prevent from undesirable posts

 Participants publish undesirable messages? The facilitator is now able to moderate posts on 3 activities; Wordcloud, Question Wall and Brainstorming.

The facilitator has a choice between 2 options;

1/ The facilitator chooses at activity creation in the Studio that all the posts are auto-approved. This means that they are automatically displayed on participants and broadcast interfaces in real time when a participant posts it.

2/ On the other hand, he is able to moderate posts throughout his session in real time. The posts will appear only if the facilitator approves them.

In any case, moderation is available during the animation if facilitator decides to remove a post. He just needs to click on the post and choose “Mask the idea”. This idea will be moved to a bin with all the moderated posts. The facilitator can retrieve posts from this bin anytime.

The Brainstorming activity has been refreshed


The user experience and the interface design have been improved on the Brainstorming.

As a facilitator, you can create categories in the form of “tags” in which you will classify all the participants’ ideas. You can create these categories at activity creation in the Studio or in real time during your session, when you start your activity.

Participants post all their ideas, like each other’s ideas, while you as the facilitator moderates the ideas.

Display all the ideas in the order of the most popular or the most recent on the top and debrief the activity with all the group.

This activity is essential to generate the most relevant ideas and take the best decisions.

App Design in general

Our UX/UI designer works hard to improve all the interfaces at every Release. New colors, buttons and pop-ups are more modern, with rounded corners, customer experience is enhanced and facilitated on each activity and on the overall App. He wants you to feel 100% autonomous on Sparkup!


Product: more and more innovation!

  • Theme management will be accessed directly from the Studio (brand logo, 3 colors)
  • Facilitator will be able to follow up the quiz progress in real time from his interface

Read more on our Roadmap.

Content: the Sparkup Academy is filming new videos!

  • Customer testimonials are coming soon! (RATP, BRED, Malakoff Médéric, CNP Assurances, etc.)
  • Customer case studies

See more on our Youtube channel.


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