Nissan digitize its training and certification programme

Training By Sparkup on January 22, 2019

As a major stakeholder in the European car industry, NISSAN Europe counts no fewer than
6,500 sales executives and 3,000 service executives to be trained, across 23 countries.

icon-sp-document (1) Context

Nissan Europe, partnered with Sparkup, to digitize its entire training and certification
programme for its Sales Forces and Services using Sparkup. This large-scale project came
with a view to becoming proficient in service quality and improving sales performance
throughout Europe.

icon-spM-innovation Challenge

Ensure proficiency and homogeneity in customer service quality and sales
performance throughout its teams, in all Europe-based dealerships.

Digitize the training and certification programme to make it applicable to all,
efficient and innovative.

 Sparkup as a solution

Sparkup was the cornerstone of NISSAN's digital transformation in training and
certification programmes. Its software-as-a-service solution makes training more dynamic,
measures competency levels and supports participants in their orientation towards adapted training programmes.
Sparkup gives a new dynamic to NISSAN's training programmes. The
participants log in on their phone or tablet, can interact, brainstorm and assess their
knowledge thanks to quizzes, games, challenges, etc.
Established in collaboration with Sparkup, this project was rewarded by the Brandon Hall
Awards - the most prestigious in the training industry - in the category “Best Advance in
Learning Technology Implementation’’.

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icon-sp-challenge Results


Time saving
From 70’ to a simple click for compiling data following a training session
From 5 days to a few minutes for results delivery

Quality gains 
1 unique assessment process across Europe
Flawless data treatment
Individual training recommendations

Money Saving
850 labor days saved since 2016
Assessment logistic costs divided by 4


‘‘The personal assessment system designed by Sparkup has a truly positive impact on our
network performance. This individual approach guides participants to a training programme adapted to their needs. The assessment enables the certification of each
salesperson according to our service quality standards."

"Sparkup platform generates more commitment from trainees, and offers a
better learning experience. It also boasts sound real-time reporting features concerning the participants' results and performances, giving them more visibility over their status and progression margin."

Edouard de Seynes - Training Manager NISSAN Europe