Interactive Meetings at Crédit Agricole Réunion

Meeting By Sparkup on March 19, 2019

Crédit Agricole, also known as the “Green Bank” due to its initial work in the sector of agriculture, is a French network of mutual and cooperative banks comprised of 39 Crédit Agricole regional branches.  

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icon-sp-document (1) Context

Delphine Judith and Philippe Chion-Hock are analysts at the Department of IT Systems and Cross-Functional Tools. They are in charge of all the tools used by the network, including the Crédit Agricole offices on Reunion island (databases, Sparkup, intranet, Chatter, etc.).

The department is responsible for choosing the tools, managing trainings, supervising the use of the tools by the employees, taking charge in case of problems and customer service.

Crédit Agricole found out about Sparkup through Deloitte, a company that provided them services in 2016 during the creation of an enterprise project. The Crédit Agricole administration immediately realized the usefulness of the Sparkup app and its possibility to digitize content which later on allows to work with the results obtained during meetings or training sessions.  

icon-spM-innovation The Challenge

CA were looking for a collaborative digital tool to support and liven up the meetings of Project Managers in the framework of the « Enterprise Project 2020 ».

The Solution - Sparkup

Thanks to Sparkup, Project Managers, Office Managers and Advisors now use Sparkup during their meetings to improve communication and offer a more collaborative experience to their participants.

icon-spM-easyToUse-1 Results

36 facilitators
Trained in 3 days

100% participative meetings
Interactive and entertaining activities ensure collaboration

Live interaction
Participants can freely express themselves all at the same time


“Everybody appreciated turning top-down boring meetings into something exciting in the first 30 minutes”

Philippe Chion-Hock, IT Systems Analyst, CA Réunion


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