Interactive Induction Day of Coca-Cola European Partners

    Testimonial By Sparkup on January 22, 2019

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    Coca-Cola European Partners is a multinational bottling company dedicated to the
    marketing, production, and distribution of Coca-Cola products.

    icon-sp-document (1) Context

    The challenge for Coca-Cola European Partners (CCEP) was to make the Induction Day more interactive.
    The Induction Day at CCEP helps between 30 to 70 new starters joining CCEP to improve
    sales skills & engagement.

    icon-spM-innovation Challenge

    Energize the Induction Day
    Participants to actively interact during the session

    icon-spM-easyToUse-1 Sparkup as a solution

    Sparkup helps us involve participants during the sessions, making them think actively about certain aspects of our business instead of just being fed facts and numbers.
    The stability of the solution was very important to us, as well as the support in case
    something went wrong.
    CCEP plans to use Sparkup to roll out this program in even more countries.


    Presentation of the CCEP with slides and videos
    The CCEP presents its activity to newcomers through slides and videos directly into Sparkup.

    Tests of knowledge and play games
    The organizers organize fun activities to test and understand newcomers.

    Reflection activity
    Organizers encourage newcomers to solve problems or aspects of the activity of the CCEP

    icon-sp-challenge Results

    100% interactive
    Quiz, Wordcloud, Challenges ...a little competition increases engagement and facilitates interactions even more!


    "People feel engaged, it literally changes the day from boring powerpoint presentations to interactive participation."

    Kenny de Mulder, Learning & Development Manager, Coca-Cola European Partners.