Interactive courses at ICD Business School

Training By Sparkup on January 22, 2019

ICD is an international business school part of the IGS Group, specialized in business and
marketing. ICD is based in Paris and Toulouse and gathers around 500 students from France and abroad.

icon-sp-document (1) Context

Rather than fighting smartphones during lessons and classes, the ICD International
business school, decided to turn them into an exceptional learning tool. Let's find out
how Sparkup helped them answer their greatest challenge: create a new learning
experience to captivate their students' attention and drive better learning outcomes.

icon-spM-innovation Challenge

Enhance collective participation instead of using paper exercises
Drive better learning outcomes
Measure the understanding of the students


icon-spM-easyToUse-1 Sparkup as solution

Sparkup is now part of the ICD teacher's toolbox with one simple goal: make teaching
more interactive and fun for both teachers and their students.
Sparkup is an easy-to-use classroom interaction platform without downloads, that
fosters participation with 15+ activities. ICD teachers already use the platform several
times per week on different class format (classes, conferences, seminars, Lab).


How is Sparkup used?

Test students in live
With multiple choice questions, theCapture d’écran 2019-01-14 à 17.35.24
teacher tests their students'
knowledge and skills in real time.
As results appear on the screen,
they discuss the correct and
wrong answers for a better


Broadcast the slides
To do their lecture, the teachers are able to integrate their slides into Sparkup and broadcast them in between different activities.


Midyear exam with quizzes andCapture d’écran 2019-01-14 à 17.46.45
Teachers can evaluate the
students' overall understanding of
the class with a noted exam. They
extract and analyze the results
after the test.




100% interactive
Quiz, Wordcloud, Challenges ...a little competition increases engagement and facilitates interactions even more!

Effective learning
Students see their answers and progress in real time. Teachers are therefore able to feedback on each exercise.

Teacher real support
ICD's teachers are using the tool to facilitate discussions, insert explanations on the topics of the class.


"Sparkup facilitates the interactions with my students as the results appear immediately
on the main screen. It has helped me engage discussions and insert explanations. My
students need a real time feedback on the exercises, it truly motivates them!".

Jessica Lehman, Training Manager for the Event Management Bachelor, ICD