Virtual Audience: 5 ways to create a bond with your audience

Virtual Audience By Claudia from Sparkup on June 17, 2022

Sparkup Virtual Audience

You have discovered virtual audience technology and understand all of its benefits to bring all your attendees together at your event. If you want to know more about its benefits, this article is for you.

Now the question is: how do we get the most out of the Virtual Audience to maximise the engagement of your next event?

Learn the best tips to take advantage of the virtual audience as a real engagement booster for your event.

  1. What is Virtual Audience?
  2. How can Virtual Audience improve the engagement of your events?
  3. 5 ways to use a Virtual Audience to create a bond between your audience and speaker

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What is a Virtual Audience?

Imagine an experience that combines the convenience of watching a live event on TV and the excitement of being there in person…

Virtual Audience is a professional level technology to interact with thousands of fans. This allows all your remote participants to feel your event as they were onsite. You can feel their reactions and start one-to-one conversation with your audience in real-time while displaying them on a video mosaic. If want to know more about its benefits, this article is for you.

How can Virtual Audience improve the engagement of your events?

The engagement rate is one of the most important KPI to measure the success of your event. It helps to understand if the content that we are delivering to the audience is relevant or not. The more your public engages with the content, the better they will understand it and remember it.

Imagine speaking to an audience with your eyes closed. You won't be able to see their reactions to your speech. Now imagine you can't hear them either. Somehow, it feels like you are speaking to an empty room.

In virtual events, communication between the speaker and the participant can be complicated. When doing face-to-face events, don't leave out all the participants who can't attend on-site. That’s why virtual audience technology is a solution to recreate an authentic sense of connection, interactivity and spontaneity.

5 ways to use a Virtual Audience to create a bond between your audience and speaker

We gather some tips to take at the highest level your engagement with Virtual Audience.

#1. Introduce your speaker and remote public

I think we all agree that it is awkward to start a conversation without first introducing ourselves. Events should have the same introductions, even more so with remote participants. This way, the speaker can get to know the audience that will be talking to during the day.

At each entry and exit of a speaker, display the Virtual Audience to immediately introduce them and create a feeling of closeness at your event.

Ask your audience to wave and feel their energy as a thermometer.

Feel your audience's energy with Virtual Audience

#2. Feel their energy

How do you know if your event content is valuable to your audience? They can show their feelings at any time thanks to real-time reactions.

Do they love it? Let them show it with a heart.

Are they amused, do they want to applaud? They can express themselves quickly with the emojis that are projected on their screen.

The best part? Later you can review the moments of greatest interaction to draw conclusions about the most interesting parts of your event.

#3. Invite your attendees on stage

Do you want to know their opinion about a specific topic? Create spontaneous conversations by allowing one or several participants to speak freely. Better than a mic, it’s as if your virtual audience is there live with the speakers.

Your attendees can join the conversation whenever you want. Let them raise their hand if they want to speak and invite whoever you want as a guest for a live conversation.

Speak with your audience at your event

#4. Gather all your attendees

With Virtual Audience you can recreate a sense of community at your event as everyone sees each other again. No matter the location, all your attendees are together on stage.

Introduce your audience with Virtual audience

#5. Energise your audience

Show your online audience as a video mosaic with Virtual Audience, while using interaction features like live poll, Q&A and more. Quickly show the responses of the audience on stage.

#6. Let's go! Dance and enjoy yourself.

Feel free with your imagination. All the kinds of games that you can do to energise your audience. Make people dance in the Virtual Audience and use the live interactions to feel them.

Dance with Virtual Audience

If you are already convinced that the virtual audience is a solution to engage your remote participants in your event, it is also important how much time you use it. It is recommended that we recreate as much as possible what a face-to-face event would be like.

Avoid just displaying 2 minutes at the beginning and 2 minutes at the end. This is a way that doesn’t bring the most to your event. You should act like you have actually invited people to be here in the room. They are here! You have to think of the virtual audience as part of the scenography.

Virtual Audience mosaic
The Virtual Audience is permanently presented on stage.

The most important thing about doing an event is that all participants feel part of it. Therefore, the virtual audience allows us not only to show all those who could not attend in person, but also to listen to them.

Follow these tips and discover how virtual audiences will increase the engagement level of your events.

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