Basic Steps for Working with Sparkup

Meeting By Mathieu Pereira on March 14, 2019

Speaker using Sparkup

When used the right way, Sparkup significantly improves your audience’s participation and engagement.

But how can you make sure that everyone will connect to the app and use it?

This article will explains the basic steps that will allow you to make the most of Sparkup during your events!

1. Tell the audience about Sparkup

Presenting Sparkup in the very beginning is crucial if you want to make sure that everyone will be using the app throughout the whole session. 

Check that all participants have Internet or share the WiFi password if necessary. Tell them to go to and ask them to enter the session code.

2. Break the ice

Start your session with a Poll or a Word Cloud to capture the audience’s attention. It is also a great way to make sure that everyone is signed in and can use Sparkup during the session.

You can find some tips in this article : 15 icebreakers to start your presentation with Sparkup

3. Mix different activities

Use different forms of interaction by offering creative activities and challenges that will keep your participants’ attention and motivation high. (See all Sparkup activities)  

Here is an example of a scenario:

Start your session with a Word Cloud to break the ice, then launch a Question Wall so the participants could ask you questions without interrupting the presentation. Don’t forget to take the time to answer those questions when the presentation is over or offer a Quiz to make sure everybody understood it. At the end of the session you can use a Poll or an Evaluation to gather relevant feedback about the quality of your presentation. 

4. Use a tablet

It’s always better to use a tablet connected to the animation interface to launch different activities. It will be much easier for you to move around that way.

If you don’t have a tablet, use your computer connected to the broadcast screen to show your interaction with the participants in real time.

Do you need some advice about installing Sparkup on D-Day? Watch our tutorial.

5. Give some time for thinking

Give your participants some time for thinking during each activity and encourage them to ask you questions, send their ideas or vote for the ideas of others.

For Sparkup pros: if you are planning to use an activity such as Question Wall or Word Cloud and you want to encourage people to share their ideas, prepare several ideas of your own beforehand and publish them on D-Day. Sometimes the participants need a bit of inspiration and they always like to see what the others have published before proposing their own ideas.

6. Keep up the tempo!

Some people might take more time than others to vote, ask their questions and participate in activities. If you see that it’s taking them more than a minute or two, don’t hesitate to stop the activity and show the results as they are in order to keep up the tempo of the presentation.  


Now it’s your turn to use these tips!