15 Icebreakers to Start Your Meetings and Conventions

Meeting By Sparkup on March 19, 2019

In case some of you don’t know, an icebreaker is a method or an activity that helps to warm up the audience and release the tension of a formal gathering. It is highly recommended to break the ice with your audience before a conference, training session or meeting.

What for? An icebreaker will allow you to create a more relaxed atmosphere and engage your co-workers or participants from the very beginning. The more attentive the audience, the more successful the presentation.

Let’s find out more about these magical tools that are called Icebreakers. Some of them are more appropriate for small meetings, others - for big events. We have decided to split the icebreakers into 4 types according to the usual needs of our clients. These activities will help you to kick off a meeting, conference or training session - all you need to do is adapt them to your particular situation.   

#1 Find out the mood of your audience

How are you feeling today?
What’s your energy like this morning/afternoon?

Asking the participants about their mood works in any situation and allows them to speak out about their feelings and state of mind. After all, we all like to talk about ourselves! To make this icebreaker more efficient, use Sparkup’s Word Cloud to let the participants have some fun writing down all the adjectives they can come up with to describe their mood. An interactive word cloud will appear on the screen and it will continue changing as long as the participants express themselves and like the ideas of others.

Wordcloud Sparkup

#2 Find out who your participants are

What company are you from?
Which team are you working with?
What department are you working for?

During a conference or a public presentation, start your speech with a question that will give you a better understanding of your audience. You will see the responses of your participants and the trends on a screen in real time. The best way to use this icebreaker is to launch one of these activities:

- Word Cloud: the participants will be able to answer with one word.

- Multiple Choice Poll : the participants will be able to choose one of the possible answers, for example:

  • Human Resources Dept.

  • Marketing Dept.

  • Sales Dept.

  • Technical Dept.

  • etc.

 MCQ Sparkup

#3 Find out your audience’s expectations

What would you like to learn today?
Which topics would you like to discuss?
Why did you decide to take part in this event/meeting/conference?

If you are organizing work groups or think tanks, break the ice with your audience by asking them about their expectations. You can use the Brainstorming activity throughout the whole session to guide the discussions according to the ideas and responses sent by the participants. This way your audience will feel that they have played their part in choosing the topics for discussion and their brainstorming will be more efficient.  

You can also use a Word Cloud, Poll or Evaluation to find out what your audience expects from the session.

Brainstorm Sparkup 

#4 Fun & festive icebreakers to bond with your audience and make them laugh

Who is your favorite superhero?
What did you have for breakfast today?
What is your dream?

Ask your participants some fun and entertaining questions in the beginning of your meeting to make them feel more relaxed. Don’t be afraid to use your sense of humour!

A Word Cloud helps to unleash people’s creativity and you can discover new unexpected things about your co-workers and participants.


Halloween - What is your favorite costume?
Halloween - What is your favorite horror film?
Christmas - What is your favorite Christmas song?
Easter - What is your favorite chocolate brand?

Every season of the year is filled with traditional holidays and special occasions. These icebreakers were designed to give your audience freedom of imagination when answering personal questions that are not related to their professional life. The participants can express their ideas and personal opinions or exchange opinions with others.

You can ask these questions in the form of a Word Cloud, Brainstorming or Poll with a set of possible answers. 

These icebreakers are a great way to start a meeting, conference or any other event, but they shouldn’t be too long. These activities will engage your participants and allow them to use the app from the very beginning. This way the audience will play an active part in your meeting or event and you will have their full attention.


You can use Sparkup for other activities during your session to ensure maximum interaction, collaboration and learning!


You would like to break the ice and engage your audience during your next event? Start your free trial today!

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